5 Tips for Ending Dark Circles in Postpartum

5 Tips for Ending Dark Circles in Postpartum

Concealer, lukewarm tea and other tips help camouflage them and give a look at the look!

Even those who have never had dark circles can be surprised by them during pregnancy and postpartum. “With increasing hormones and melanin-producing cells, some parts of the body become darker, even under the eyes,” says dermatologist Carla Góes Sallet (SP), author of the book Pregnvida e Bela, published by Ediouro. She teaches you to camouflage them!

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  1. Concealer:It should be a bit lighter than the tone of your skin.
  2. Warm tea:Place the syrup of the infusion of chamomile or green tea on top of the purple spots. They penetrate the skin and help circulation.
  3. Lymphatic drainage: The facial procedure is great for helping blood to flow freely and not accumulate, causing the “panda” appearance. It costs from $ 100 a section.
  4. Laser:It can penetrate the skin, vascularize the area and end up with up to 40% of the pigment in the first application. It costs on average R $ 250 per section.
  5. Facial creams:Use ginkgo biloba, argireline and vitamin C products those are safe for both pregnant and lactating women.


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