Beauty in pregnancy : what can and can not

Beauty in pregnancy

Although many products are not advised during pregnancy, there are several ways for the woman to take care of herself while awaiting the arrival of the baby

There is no doubt that pregnancy is a beautiful moment, surrounded by dreams and expectations. It is also a delicate phase for many women, because of the immense transformations that take place in the body. Despite the restrictions, there are several ways to take care of beauty during the nine months without compromising the baby’s health . Next, understand why some treatments should be abolished during gestation (and during breastfeeding) and the alternative pathways to them. Just remember to talk like your obstetrician before!

Beauty in pregnancy

Creams with acids

Why it cannot: Extremely chemical and highly absorbed by the skin, acids, especially salicylic, retinoic acid and its derivatives, are the most dangerous. There are no specific studies on how they act negatively but, as they come into contact with dermal tissue and fall into the bloodstream, they certainly reach the placenta. At higher or lower concentrations, they can affect the formation of the fetus.

Alternative: Because it is softer and has little absorption, azelaic acid is the only one released during pregnancy (from the fourth month). Creams formulated with up to 10% glycolic acid are also safe. Both help in controlling oiliness and treating acne and can be used as bleaching agents.


Why can not: As they are made with acids in high concentration to cause desquamation of the dermis, it is even more contraindicated than the creams, for the same reasons cited above.

Alternative: The only peeling indicated for pregnant women is the crystal. Also called microdermabrasion, it is physical, that is, it has no chemistry. It works with a crystal tip, which exfoliates the outermost layer of the dermis. It is more shallow than acid peels, but is safe and effective for treating stains, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Skin cleansing

Why cannot: Cleaning itself is not contraindicated for pregnant women, but care must be taken with the way it is done. Acid-based creams and soaps, for example, cannot be used. The high frequency apparatus, usually used for the healing and bactericidal effect, is also prohibited.

Alternative: Swap all chemicals containing chemicals with natural ingredients such as green tea soap and aloe vera tonic. In place of the electrotherapy devices enter clay or activated charcoal masks, 100% safe and organic. This second option is relatively new as aesthetic treatment and highly indicated by decongestant, healing and anti-inflammatory action.



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