Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is the latest trend which has hit the half of the earth after fortified water health conscious people are now buying hydrogen enriched water with much more benefits some of which are reducing inflammation, wrinkles, bone loss and helping metabolise fat and glucose faster. All these benefits can be achieved by drinking only 500 ml of hydrogen fused water in a day, which is way much less than the recommended 8 to 10 glasses a day of regular water.Water which we drink on daily basis has two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen is neither acidic nor alkaline, but when it is infused with hydrogen by either magnesium or through the process of electrolysis then the simple water becomes rich in antioxidants.

In recent studies it is been investigated that ingested hydrogen acts an antioxidant, clearing all the free radical inflammation-causing molecules linked to cells of skin ageing to cancer. As hydrogen is the smallest and lightest element in the periodic table so when it is ingested in the water it travels throughout the bloodstream from which it finds its way to mitochondria the energy centre of a cell, and penetrates the nucleus, where the DNA is stored. When it reaches there it reduces the free radical due to which it cause inflammation helping the cells to accelerate skin helping to overcome ageing and many more effects.

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It is also seen that when some with obesity or other symptoms of metabolic syndrome like high blood pressure, insulin resistance drank 2 litres a day of hydrogen water for around seven to eight weeks with no other change, they show a 39 percent increase in an enzyme that fortifies the body against free radicals, 43 percent drop in thiobarbituric acid, a substance linked to oxidative damage and a 13 percent decrease in total cholesterol in result to cholesterol-controlling medicine.

Some of the benefits of hydrogen rich water are listed below:

  • It helps in hydrating the joints and muscles
  • It also hydrate our brain so that our mind can function better
  • It helps the body to absorb more nutrients
  • It make our digestion better
  • Regulates body temperature more efficiently
  • It helps in detoxify cells
  • It also helps in relieving tension which leads to benefits in blood pressure and some other related issues too.
  • It helps in decreasing the risk of colon cancer, bladder as well as breast cancer

After reading all these benefits one would think how will all these is possible by just drinking infused hydrogen water so for that some of the mechanism which lead to above benefits are listed below:

  1. Anti-oxidant: Hydrogen atoms functions as an antioxidant which helps in reducing the cells which cause ageing or other chronic diseases.
  2. Energize the mitochondria: Hydrogen atom literally energize the mitochondria which are the power source of every cell in the body, which mean more work due to more fuel which results in benefits such as better blood pressure etc.


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