Laser and filling for vagina: know the treatments to beautify the intimate part

Laser and filling for vagina

Understand more about procedures that have become popular among women

Do you like your vagina? How far would you go to change it? Whether it is for health, sexual pleasure or just for aesthetics, more and more women have been researching the subject and have undergone medical procedures in the intimate part. “The patient ends up doing it for herself. Most people say that the husband thinks they do not need it, but they are looking for well-being, “says Vera Lúcia Cruz, a member of the Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the State of São Paulo (SOGESP). Next, know two procedures that are driving more and more women’s offices. 


The laser for the intimate region arrived in America about 4 years ago to treat vaginal atrophy, which affects most women over 60 and causes dryness and pain during intercourse.”The result is very good. Scientific work has already been published showing the effectiveness, and the technique has been discussed in major medical congresses, “explains Daniela Ribeiro, dermatologist at the American Society of Dermatology.”

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The main indication is intimate rejuvenation, which improves the functional part of the vagina. It’s a good choice for women who cannot take hormones after menopause. “Another use of the laser is to aid healing of cuts in the vaginal region (such as episiotomy, which is sometimes done in normal deliveries ), or to lighten the region after gestation.
The average laser price is $ 2,000 per session (at least three sessions are recommended).


The most common fill nowadays is with hyaluronic acid. It is a substance that is applied with needle bites on the outside of the labia majora, to improve the appearance and hydration of the tissue. The purpose is aesthetic. But it is not a definitive procedure. The effect lasts only about a year (the substance is absorbed by the body over time). It can be done by both the gynecologist and the dermatologist, but the doctor must be qualified and have knowledge about the practice, to avoid risks. The completion costs, on average, R $ 2,500.


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