Health Officials in Louisiana has confirmed a brain-eating amoeba’s presence in a water station in Ascension Parish. This water station serves around two thousand residents in Donaldsonville. Health officials have also ordered for a sixty days chlorine burn to diffuse any possible threat. According to the submitted report, this water is not unhealthy to drink! Well, locals need to put some sorts of cautions. According to a post in USAtoday, health officials have asked to take some sorts of precautionary actions to help reduce the possible risk of an infection, renowned as Naegleria fowleri. Here are few steps;

  • Do not let water in your nose or inhale water into nose.
  • Do not jig into this water or put yourself under bathing water.
  • Stop children to play if no one is there to supervise because they may by chance squirt this infected water in nose.
  • Run shower taps as well as hoses for at least five minutes to flush out pipes.
  • Keep your above ground pools clean by scrubbing and by making them dry after every use.
  • Use only distilled boiled or sterile water for sinus rinse solutions or performing rite ablutions.

All locals should continue these practices for sincere precautions until they get confirmation about the clearance of the Ascension Parish water system. We do believe that it will be done soon and you will be able to enjoy in water once again.