Postpartum hair loss

Postpartum hair loss

Are you losing more wires after pregnancy? Understand what happens in this period

The hair looks more beautiful in pregnancy , it’s a fact. But joy lasts little! All thanks to the hormones . It works like this: each hair goes through a four-phase cycle, from birth to fall.

It turns out that during gestation , they stay longer in the resting period, hence the bulky appearance. In the postpartum period , however, the extra wires fall all at once, as hormone levels begin to stabilize.

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Dermatologist and tricerologist Valcinir Bedin of the American Hair Society says that, although he is scared, hair loss at this stage is normal and can last for six months. “There is no avoiding it, but the use of multivitamins can prevent new yarns from falling as well, improving appearance,” he said.


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