Postpartum laser treatment

Postpartum laser treatment

Some traces of pregnancy may be evident in your body and the laser may be a treatment option after pregnancy.

There’s no way! As much as you take care of yourself during the nine months of gestation, some traces of pregnancy may be evident in your body. Stains , stretch marks and scars from either the cesarean or episiotomy (cut in the perineum) appear and can cause pain.

To improve the inflammation, the wavy appearance and the coloring of the skin , it is worth betting on the Intensive Pulsed Light (LIP) devices and the lasers, such as Nd-Yag, which are safe 
in the postpartum period .

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“We indicated the treatment one month after birth, because as there are still many hormonal changes in the woman’s body, it is possible to really map what was the damage done to the skin. Only in the clefts of the nipples , the laser can already be applied in the first few days to reduce the pain of the mother at the time of breastfeeding, “says dermatologist Cristiane Braga Kanashiro, a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SP).

Light diminishes the caliber of blood vessels , improving inflammation and healing. It also destroys dark pigments in the skin, softening the melasma . Usually three to ten sessions are indicated, with a six-week interval between them. Each one costs from $ 600 to $ 1,500.

The result varies greatly, but it is possible to end up with 100% of the marked scars, 90% of the red streaks and 40% of the white streaks, 70% of the cracks and 50% of the spots. Attention! According to the specialist, these treatments should be avoided by black, because the high concentration of melanin (pigment that gives color to the skin) can cause other spots.


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