Zika in India

In India zika has arrived officially. There are three confirmed cases which are reported to the world health organization and global health community after they got detected in Gujarat.

Zika is the most infectious disease, its arrival is not a matter but when it arrived in India that the reason to be known. There are old samples of Zika in National Institute of Virology in Pune which indicates that Zika had been detected in India decades ago. But the new virus of Zika is very challenging due to these three reasons.

  • The member which carries Zika and other viruses, the Adese mosquito is far more prevalent in India now as compared to previous centuries. This Adese mosquito is responsible for the transmission of dengue and chikunguniya as well and it is very poorly controlled in urban areas in India.
  • There are around 2.7 crore new-born babies each year in India due to which if a small portion of it got affected that could add up to a large number of cases.
  • No vaccine of Zika until now that means protecting one from the zika virus in India is very low.

Cause Of Zika In India

The main reason or the root cause in the prevention of any virus spread in the country is due to the poor performance on mosquito control. Measures such as fumigation or spraying insecticides in local spaces start in very low amount and late too.

During the monsoon heavy rains creates enormous breeding sites and as we all know India is very densely populated country so which result in mosquitoes to thrive in very close proximity to people.

Realising the worst case scenario Indian courts has taken this very sensitive issue in their own hands and alerted the Delhi government and municipalities to setup action in NCR as soon as possible.

Prevention From Zika

Zika infection cannot be verified easily as it usually asymptomatic or very mild, with fever only and non-specific symptoms. But it is very dangerous for a lady who is pregnant, as it infects the pregnant lady it affects the unborn fetus which can cause congenital brain abnormalities in the new-born.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a neurological illness which got introduce to someone by Zika virus and this the syndrome which has been reported by many of the countries with an unusual increase in recent outbreaks of Zika virus.

There is no treatment available for the Zika virus. So it is necessary to prevent the proliferation of the mosquito population that are able to carry the virus, in order to protect our future generations. But what government should do now to prevent the population of mosquitos? The simple answer to this question is that the government should increase the surveillance for the mosquitos affected areas and it should also increase the vector control efforts, these only effective measures should not only be done in the state that has detected Zika but it should be done on a national level.


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